Let me introduce my dear friend, Kay Slippy. Not only is she my very good friend, confidant and teacher, but she is also my pastor's wife.

I have known Kay since 2003 and have admired her since we first met. Kay is one of the godliest women I know and is a very gifted speaker. God has shown Kay how He turned tragedy in her life into triumph for His glory. There's not much in the way of suffering that Kay hasn't experienced first hand.

Over the years, I have greatly benefited from Kay's teaching at our women's weekly Bible study. She is very insightful and skillful at explaining the Scriptures to our women. Kay and her husband operated a crisis center for several years here in La Grande, Oregon, and she is very experienced at ministering to women of all ages from all walks of life.

A few years ago while I was serving as co-chair of our local chapter of Stonecroft Ministries, I had the pleasure of having Kay as our guest speaker where she shared her testimony at one of our monthly luncheons. The women overwhelmingly commented on how Kay had ministered to their hearts.

Did I mention Kay is a woman of many other talents? Not only can she speak and play musical instruments, but she can sing--beautifully! I hope you will have the opportunity to let Kay bless you with her testimony in word and song. I guarantee you will not be the same after hearing my dear friend, Kay Slippy.