Personal Comments

Kay was our 2019 speaker at Calvary Horse Camp, a week long camp for Oregon foster girls. As she ministered to the girls throughout the week in seven different speaker sessions, it was clear that the perfect wisdom and providence of God brought her to our ministry.

Because of Kay’s personal experiences with childhood trauma and abuse and her deep love for the Lord, she was able to relate to the girls on a deeply personal level and authentically share her message of hope and love through Jesus Christ.

According to Steve Saint, “People want to see Christ followers who have scars where they have wounds.” This is exactly what happened at our camp. Kay’s scars and the girls’ wounds were perfectly aligned. Only God can orchestrate things like this, and I’m convinced that He had her involvement in our ministry planned long, long ago, even as Kay herself was suffering childhood trauma.

The disciples, asking about the man who was blind from birth, heard Jesus reply, “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.” John 9:3

Praise God that the works of God have been displayed in Kay to the comfort, encouragement, and hope of foster girls in Oregon.

AngieJohn Day, Oregon

Kay Slippy's walk with the Lord is focused and new each day. Kay is always reading people from her Lord's viewing point.

Her life experience many times says "I've been there!" with her gift of evangelism she has boldness for her Lord.

Steve Saint, I believe, said "Wounded people want to be ministered to by people who have scars in the same places they have wounds."

CalvinLa Grande, OR

Let me introduce my dear friend, Kay Slippy. Not only is she my very good friend, confidant and teacher, but she is also my pastor's wife.

I have known Kay since 2003 and have admired her since we first met. Kay is one of the godliest women I know and is a very gifted speaker. God has shown Kay how He turned tragedy in her life into triumph for His glory. There's not much in the way of suffering that Kay hasn't experienced first hand.

Over the years, I have greatly benefited from Kay's teaching at our women's weekly Bible study. She is very insightful and skillful at explaining the Scriptures to our women. Kay and her husband operated a crisis center for several years here in La Grande, Oregon, and she is very experienced at ministering to women of all ages from all walks of life.

A few years ago while I was serving as co-chair of our local chapter of Stonecroft Ministries, I had the pleasure of having Kay as our guest speaker where she shared her testimony at one of our monthly luncheons. The women overwhelmingly commented on how Kay had ministered to their hearts.

Did I mention Kay is a woman of many other talents? Not only can she speak and play musical instruments, but she can sing--beautifully! I hope you will have the opportunity to let Kay bless you with her testimony in word and song. I guarantee you will not be the same after hearing my dear friend, Kay Slippy.

NancyLa Grande, Oregon

Kay recently came to Boise, Idaho to speak at a Women's Conference sponsored by my church and she was truly blessed by God... The moment I walked into the conference hall I could feel the peace, the presence of the Lord.

Kay spoke on the "Unexpected Seasons of Life". She reminded me that no matter what my situation is or what I might be going through, that God is right there with me.

Kay also talked about opening up to God and telling God how you truly feel. This has made my personal relationship with God stronger because I can be honest and not feel guilty about how I'm feeling. Making it easier to turn my heart aches over to the Lord. The amazing thing about Kay is she spoke on personal and emotional issues but did it with a loving and serene spirit. She is truly blessed!

LeannaBoise, Idaho

Kay Slippy, my mom, is an unforgettable speaker. She is able to take things in life and show how God is able to deliver. I have been with my Mom at several of her speaking engagements and am amazed every time...

God has given her the ability to speak right into the heart of even the most hardened person. Just watching the transformation of women as they begin to feel the deep love and forgiveness of God is overwhelming at times. My Mother's heart is for the Lord and her desire is to be a tool for Him. I will never be tired of listening to the immense wisdom that I know God gives her.

In my life, I have needed that wisdom on way more than one occasion. Can you hear the loud "AMEN"? That would be her.

DawnNewberg, Oregon

I had the privilege of attending a retreat... Where Kay Slippy was the main speaker. She spoke five times, and not once did I get tired of hearing her. She made the Bible come alive because she believed in what she was saying...

Kay is a dedicated Christian who gives God the glory for what her life has become. She is a vibrant woman whose love for the Lord shines in her face when she speaks of how the Lord changed her life. She makes you laugh, cry and think as she speaks of the Lord and His saving grace.

BettyYakima, Washington